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“Everything is Acceptable” is an online portfolio created to showcase the works of independant filmmaker, animator, and New Media artist Eric Ehrler.

Eric was never the sort of person who could spend his whole life doing just one thing. As a child he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to grow up to be a writer or a director. Then he decided that he just wanted to make cartoons. Now he’s settled on doing all three, with a little bit of graphic design and photography on the side. A jack-of-all-trades in the burgeoning world of digital art, Eric has a lot of projects on the go that he hopes to unleash onto the world soon.

Eric lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta. He first moved to Alberta as a student to attend the University of Lethbridge and liked it enough to stay there after graduating. A strong supporter of local artists, he hopes to remain a part of the Albertan film community for a long time.


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