"Years after graduating from college, three old friends who drifted apart reunite for a friendly get-together. Each of them has some secret that they are hiding from the others. As the evening wears on, their friendship will be put to the test."

“The Party’s Over” is a short film that I wrote and directed. I’ve already worked on a handful of short films in the past but this is my first time as director. It is also the film that I have had the most creative control over so far. I am very excited to release it out into the world and see what people think of it.

At twenty-three minutes in length, this film is significantly longer than the average short film. It was an especially ambitious project to take on for my directorial debut, but I had a script that I was passionate about and I wanted to push myself to the limit and see what I was capable of.

Aside from writing and directing, I also produced the film, edited it, and did my own cinematography. Though I intend to take on a smaller work-load in the future, having first-hand experience with most of the different aspects of film production is something I think will be infinitely beneficial to my future projects.

“The Party’s Over” was filmed in Lethbridge by a cast and crew of artists located in the southern Alberta area. I am a strong supporter of the southern Alberta art scene and I hope to continue working with the artists in this community on many more films.